Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{What I Wore Wednesday} Being Brave

 I've long been fascinated with What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy.  I love the idea behind it...take pictures of your outfits everyday to hold yourself accountable to get outta those sweatpants!  Even though I've been too chicken to post any pictures of myself and my outfits, I have always said that I will not be a "Sweatpants Mama."  I suppose that is the lingo of 10 years past.  Today it might be more accurate to say "Yoga Pants Mama."  Anywho... 
In general, if I don't take a shower and put something else on besides my jammies, I feel like a slob.  If I feel like a slob, it totally changes my perspective of just about everything...  So, no slobby Mama allowed!
This week I decided to be brave and take a few pictures.  I am challenged by the fact that I'm still carrying some baby weight and don't like how some of my "normal" clothes fit on me, particularly pants.  And yet, I'm determined not to purchase clothes one size up.  I don't want to get comfortable (in my pants) and not try to lose the weight, but I'm finding it's harder to lose those last pounds with baby number five.  Stuffed sausage with a side of muffin top, anyone?!  Grin! 
Ahem...not funny!
I wish I was more determined to not make and enjoy so many cookies.  Grin!

Yes, I wear jeans to church all. the. time.
sweater: Target (a long time ago)
shirt: Walmart
necklace: thrifted Chiccos
skinny jeans: Delia's
boots: Bon Ton (clearance for $20!)
cheesy pose:  All me, baby!
While this outfit is not anything special, it is the perfect case in point...It was lunchtime and I still wasn't dressed.  I was quickly headed down the "ditch-the-rest-of-homeschool-and-productivity-plus-there-is-no-sunshine-today" path.  But I showered and dressed anyhow...  The day ended well!
sweater: Target (several years ago)
scarf: thrifted


I need a bigger mirror...
shirt dress: Target (two years ago?)
leggings: Target
denim jacket: thrifted Arizona Jean Co.
Please tell me I'm brave and not a total dork!  Or at least that you wouldn't mind being seen in public with me in these outfits.  Grin!
pleated poppy


Sara said...

Kiley, You have birthed five beautiful children, wear that muffin top proudly!!! AND by the way, you look GREAT in the pictures. Don't be so hard on yourself!!

Kelly Rothermel said...

Totally not seeing any muffin top or sausges! I think you're just too hard on what you see. You look great! And definately brave, not dorky! Yay for being brave! :) Found you through the WIWW linkup.


April said...

Great outfits! I've only had one child and I also struggle with the muffin top. I was like, "Wait. Where did this come from?!" You're looking good!

Jodi said...

You did it! And in the cutest outfits! Love #1 & 3 of course - you have great boots! And it's true, you look AMAZING after 5 kids!!

Sarah Elliott said...

Love all your outfits! I find it now that I work from home if I don't get "dressed".....meaning something different than yoga pants, a big comfy sweatshirt, me ...true confession...braless... I do not work as well. I will alow myself to just pull my wet hair up into a braid or bun. You look amazing for five kids and the littlest only five months!!! But I understand wanting to fit in your clothes too...I have this added inch around my in age or just too many cookies....that I am working on losing.

Olivia said...

I see you up close and personal and you always look fabulous! I know you have grateful for the motivation to get dressed! Being brave has its advantages!