Monday, March 10, 2008

"I Just Thought It..."

We've all heard the phrase, "Kids say the darndest things!" It's true! Mike and I marvel at how insightful, creative and downright silly our boys are at times. I often wonder where they come up with their ideas and thoughts. When I ask, Eli's usual response is "I just thought it..."

I know that I'll never remember the great things they say unless it is written down somewhere. And since I don't need more scraps of paper floating around my house (the boys do a fine job of that all ready...go art!), I'm making a running list of "I just thought it..." comments from our family.

I Just Thought It... Number 1:
Spoken by Luke : "Mama, I have a joke for you... What smells pwitty, boys doan like 'em, but dey like to pick 'em?"

After a few silly answers, I, of course said, "Flowers!"

Last summer, my Lukey got in the habit of picking any sort of flower-like vegetation. He would walk up to me, grinning shyly with hands hiding behind his back and say, "Mama, I have something for you!" Then he'd pull his hands out, filled with greenery, and lovingly give me a hug and kiss. What a sweet boy! (And I didn't teach him that!) Luke has a really sweet, compassionate side to him that is so precious. I hope he never loses that character quality! It doesn't surprise me, then, that he was the one to come up with a flower joke the other day! And a joke that actually made sense...most don't at age 3...

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