Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fruit Loops

Apparently, I did a spectacular thing while grocery shopping the other day. I bought Fruit Loops. That's really it. We don't usually have "sugar cereals" at home, but the boys asked for them and I agreed this time. Since then, what do you think they want to eat for every meal and snack? (Fruit Loops!) What great news do you think they are telling friends and strangers? (We bought Fruit Loops!) What is going to happen when the Fruit Loops are gone? (Sorry, boys! Back to oatmeal, eggs and Cheerios...until mommy wants to see those delightful faces gobbling up Fruit Loops again!)

It tickles me that this simple "treat" brings them such enjoyment and thrill! So, if you want to be the Farwell boys favorite person in the whole world, you know what to do!

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