Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Fruits

Elijah and Luke picking a batch of spinach...the first harvest!

The boys fit so nicely squished between the rows!

We enjoyed this bowl of lettuce and spinach for dinner, after a good washing...can't wait to pick more goodness from our patch of earth.

Our gardening experience has been really positive so far and we're already talking about expanding the garden plot for next year. It is so fulfilling to work hard for something that is this good for you. So much of our lives today, the things we either need or want, are easily acquired and conveniently packaged, of course, with a little bit of the other kind of green. It has given us a reason to spend more time in our backyard together working for a common family goal. The boys are learning about taking care of growing things by watering and weeding. I am learning how much I enjoy getting up early and getting outside to start the day with the boys in tow. We're one step closer to the "farm life" I dream about.

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