Thursday, July 3, 2008

Monet's Four Trees

I was down at my parent's house visiting my brother, David and sister-in-law, Holly (and their baby bump!) who are up from NC. Part of their purpose for visiting was to haul items stored at dad and mom's house to their new house. It got me to thinking about some things tucked away from my past as well. There was one item I was particularly interested in finding for several reasons. It was a painting that I made in an eighth grade advanced art class. I don't remember anything about the actual assignment, but over the years I could never bring myself to throw it out.

Reason #1: My new blog friend, Heidi, at Mt. Hope Chronicles shows a fantastic idea in "Canvas of Happiness" (see June archives) for creating your own personalized artwork in your home using a art canvas and paints. If I found my canvas then I could try my hand a creating something new for my home.

Reason #2: I was reading Museum ABC with the boys two days ago and on the "T" page for "trees", there was the painting I'd attempted to copy seventeen years prior. I didn't know the name of the original painting, only that it was a Monet. Certainly this was a "sign" that I was supposed to track down my reproduction!

Reason #3: It must have been pretty decent if I'd saved it all these years, right?! I was in an advanced art class, after all...

So here is an image of the original Monet "Four Trees" (1891)

And here's my appears that I used the fattest brush possible to create the outline and then just filled in the rest with no concern for any of the smaller brush strokes and detail. I was probably too preoccupied with getting my fine, straight hair poofier...the higher the better. It never worked which translates to no embarrassing hair photos today, atleast of poofy hair, but you should have seen my glasses. Seriously, did no one realize that covering 1/3 of your face with glasses looked completely idiotic? Anyhow, back to my painting...I think I am going to paint over it because I know for sure that I won't hang it as is. My art teacher must have seen something in me...

Maybe I'll try to repaint this Monet...I'm so over my hair...

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