Sunday, October 26, 2008


My first attempt at applesauce making was a delicious success! I purchased two bushels of Cortland "seconds" from a local orchard. "Seconds" meaning that the skins might have blemishes or spots, etc. and definitely not "grocery store quality." If you can get past some of the imperfections, the apples are absolutely fine and cheap! The orchard was selling "grocery store quality" apples for $18.00 per bushel. The "seconds" were $7.50 per bushel!

Washed and ready for quartering and cooking

Separating the skins and seeds from the cooked apple with a great little tool I borrowed from a friend! It saved me SO much time!

Yum! And I love that it is pink! I'm not sure how many quarts I made as the applesauce sitting in the fridge until I can purchase freezer boxes tomorrow. I thought about using Ziplock bags, but decided that it would be too messy for freezing and thawing later.

Next weekend, my mom is coming to help put up more applesauce...and she's got a fancy schmancy applesauce maker...oh, la, la!

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ryleeandnoahsmom said...

Awesome! I love the "pinkness". Sure wish I had your cool little gadget...I'm stuck peeling, chopping, cooking down, etc.