Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Empty Frame Wall Art

Here's an idea I love from fellow blogger, Heidi about the use of empty frames for interesting decorating displays. I bought three frames at the thrift store, painted each one black and hung them in my hallway entry. Currently I have the boys Van Gogh paintings displayed but will change it up when the urge strikes. No need to worry about purchasing expensive art or committing to something long term. This suits me well. Besides, every day I have at least 20 artwork choices from my artsy project loving boys! Total cost of project @ $5.


Heidi said...

I love them, Kiley! The black looks so classy...perfect for turning child art into fine art. And you sure can't beat the project cost! Nicely done.

Heidi said...

Oh, and I tagged you over on my blog!

Sarah said...

I am in the process of doing this too!!!! I found the idea in Family Fun Magazine. Did you use a nail to hang the clips or how did you hang those up? I see wire, but am curious.