Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Most Frequent Reminder

In case you are wondering about the "all boy" activities - running, jumping, climbing, wrestling, bouncing, battles, etc. that take place in our house times three...Here is my most frequent reminder now being said most frequently to my youngest..."This is NOT a jungle gym!"

By the way, this picture was taken while the older boys were walking along the back of the couch like a balance beam...understand why I am praying for more snow this season??? (See Snow=Bliss )


Liana said...

I hear you...
I'm sure Noah thinks our entire HOUSE is his gymnasium. He's such a monkey.
Crazy boys - but oh, the fun!

Jenn said...

Oh goodness, I have a girl who likes to climb, and no snow....good thing we keep busy with play dates.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! Little monkeys you have there.

abigail said...


Although the wrestling is thankfully a bit thin on my girly front, the running, jumping, climbing, et. al., is something I contend with, too.

The couch-- our poor, ugly, sorry couch-- takes the hit squarely every winter, and I've found those exact words coming out of my mouth too many times to count.