Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas did not go as we expected this year, but in hindsight, I have several things to be thankful for...

1. No one threw up on Christmas Day. We did only eat applesauce, jello, crackers, etc. all day, but the stomach bug was on its way out of our house!

2. The boys felt good enough to enjoy opening presents and playing all day. Daddy and Mama felt good enough for an hour to enjoy watching the boys open their presents and take pictures.

3. We had a nephew born on Dec. 23rd to my older brother, David and his wife, Holly. Steven James is a cutie and we can't wait to meet him!

4. We had a whole week with no hustle and bustle to drain us. We were just drained because of illness.

5. At the end of Christmas week, we were able to see family visiting from VA for a few hours each which was better than not seeing them at all.

6. We survived.

Elijah ready to attack Daddy with his Nerf gun...Daddy took attacks for a good part of the day despite being ill...must have been seriously dazed and confused. Silly Mama declared that, "We don't shoot each other with the guns!" I was answered with sneers and jeers as if shooting each other is the entire point of having Nerf guns. My rule lasted 2 new rule was that Mama was not to be shot! I am so NOT a boy!

Luke with a wad of gum in his cheek, a flashlight that doesn't require batteries (SCORE!), and a compass for our adventurous hikes!

Isaac sugared up on Tootsie Rolls (note the one stuck in his teeth) and hugging his new markers.

New sleds!

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carole said...

Gotta love the tootsie roll "black" tooth. :)

I'm glad that you all recovered quickly enough to enjoy the day - however different than you might have expected it to be.