Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweetest Breakfast

When a half-awake mama hears plates and silverware rattling and cupboard doors slamming, there is no need to worry. It's just might be your sweet boys getting breakfast ready for the whole family as a surprise for their mama. They might even get the 2 yr. old out of bed, since he's calling for mama, to help with the surprise. "Shhh, Isaac...we're making a surprise!" With gleaming eyes and precious grins, the boys might sneak up to your room and beg you to come downstairs right away.

Here is the breakfast those sweet boys might serve you...lemonade, leftover cinnamon roll and corn flakes with milk already poured. They may have even cleaned up a lemonade spill and cereal on the floor before waking you. This might happen, that is, if you have the sweetest boys ever!

And, they might even do a surprise breakfast two more times that week while a tired mama catches a few more zzzz's...


Andrew & Jennifer said...

Oh Kiley! You do have the sweetest boys ever. Oh how you must be raising them right. If they are treating their momma so good, one of them could marry my Lauren and treat her like a queen! :0)

Katie said...

How adorable! You do have them trained well!! And what fabulous hubbies they will be someday!