Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grumps, Lumps and Plumps

Or Grumpy, Lumpy and Plumpy...whichever you prefer.

One of Mike's funny habits is coming up with nicknames and quirky words to describe our children and cars among other things.

Let me introduce our children - names given to them at birth:
Our eldest: Elijah Michael entered the world with an automatic "bird perch" (and awesome eyebrows, too) and brought it out often giving Mike no choice but to start calling him "Grumps."

Our second: Luke Daniel apparently needed a little help emerging from the birth canal and had the lump to prove it where the dr. had grasped a chunk of his scalp to help pull him out. We seriously thought the lump would remain forever, therefore he became known as "Lumps."

Our third: Isaac Joel really liked the womb and didn't want to leave (at 12 days past his due date) growing into a rather large newborn weighing in at 9lbs. 60z. The obvious name for him was "Plumps."

(picture taken spring 2008)

We still call the boys these names and recently, with the impending birth of our little girl, the question is now "what will her daddy-given nickname be?" Can we follow in the same rhyming pattern? What other choices are left?...chumps, mumps, humps, pumps, clumps...if truth be told, I'm glad "Plumps" is already taken, but the other choices leave much to be desired. The other nicknames have come so naturally and make so much sense...can't wait to see what happens!

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Tarah said...

That's so cute. When Catie was an infant James insisted on calling her "booger" b/c she was fussy and spitty and an all-around booger. She is regularly (somedays more than her actual name) called "boogie" or "boog".
Lydia's nickname came from an intentional nickname. her initials are L.A., so we thought it might be easy for Cate to learn to call her "lala". That turned into "La-ti-da" and she is now called "Lati". I, too, am looking forward to what our next baby will be called.
Maybe yours will poop a lot and you can call her "dumpy" or she'll have poor posture and you can call her "slumpy". ....okay, maybe not. good luck with that!!! :)