Thursday, November 12, 2009


Elijah and Luke are participating in a Chess class through our homeschool co-op classes. They are hooked!

Daddy dug out his chess board and much of their free time is spent playing together. If they aren't using the chess board they are begging to play against the computer. They both have the desire to win, but not so much that they completely obliterate the other one. If one of the boys is losing, the other one will "strategically" move one of his pieces to a spot to get captured thus making the losing brother feel better. I always want them to do their best, but I also love this display of good sportsmanship and love for each other. I pray that some measure of this character quality carries with them throughout their lives.

Isaac is constantly wanting to play with them and as with each other, they bend the rules for him and show good sportsmanship as he knocks off pieces willy nilly. He thinks it's a blast and it makes everyone laugh.

The boys are already asking if they can participate in Chess during the Spring co-op session. Hope it is offered again!

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Anonymous said...

My students have become obsessed with chess. This is the first year they have been interested in more than just knocking the pieces around. They talk about who is going to be playing at lunch before recess. I also play with them and they love it when they beat the teacher. I really need another chess set. ^_^