Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lazy Lady Curtains

I finally worked on Sadie's curtains. Hooray! Here is the finished product...

There was no end to the ideas in my head about decorating a little girl's room. Definitely pink. Definitely girly. Sweet. The hardest thing to come up with was the curtains. I didn't really know what I wanted...until I was browsing in the thrift store one day and found these fabulous curtain panels. Never mind that there are a few little stains and they have rubber backing. They were $4 for the pair. I love the subtle pattern. I knew I could "fix" them. And did I mention they were cheap?

Pretty pattern

Gather the tools

First, cut off the top part with the funky-old-lady-metal-hangy-pleaty part. This was a necessary step because (1) Pleated curtains are not my taste, (2) the curtains were too long and would have rested on the electric heat register...not a good idea and (3) I was reusing the curtain rod and ring clips already in her room.

After I cut the extra pleaty part off, I turned over the edge and hot glued it to create a new top hem. Yes, I learned this lazy trick from The Nester. And I love it even though I know how to sew. Finally, I attached the ring clips and hung it up. Done. Beautiful and girly.


Jenn said...

Beautiful. Inspired again.... :)

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Hurray for cheap and easy!! :)