Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Don't Have to Be a Fancy Baker...

Ooooh...I went thrifting today and struck it rich! I just knew this bundt pan was for me when I read the side of the box...I am NOT a fancy baker however I AM daring and creative! I saved over $20 on a solid, quality pan compared to the price I saw at Joann's several weeks ago. I paid $1.99

To top it off, Elijah noticed the Nordic Ware Viking logo and started spouting off all the facts he knows about Vikings. Um...history review! Guess that makes up for the fact that we were skipping school this morning to run errands. He, he!

Did you have these growing up? Now we can make our own popsicles! Oh, yeah...$0.59!

Can't pass by a lovely piece like this! 15" platter...$1.99

I originally went thrifting to find rubber boots and blue jeans for Isaac - no such luck - but we did find a few other goodies besides these...boy's cleats size 3 - $2.99, brown Banana Republic tiered skirt for moi - $3.99, bright multicolored skirt either for me or to up-cycle for Sadie into a sundress - $3.99, and silver serving platter to hang in a wall grouping - $2.99

I still need to find blue jeans for Isaac, but we ended up getting him boots from Target...paid almost the same price for one pair of boots as I did for all my thrifted treasures! Ahhh! Now that the tags are cut off and they're covered with mud, I'll likely find a pair of used ones for pennies...

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ryleeandnoahsmom said...

I have the identical bundt pan...same color and everything! It looks vintage. I got mine at a garage sale for 25 cents and it is awesome. Gotta love good deals!

I rarely find what I am hoping to find at thrift stores, but I always find something good. It keeps me coming back : )