Tuesday, April 13, 2010

C-K-A-I-F-I-M-B-F-T-L-O-M Cards

Now that we've moved way beyond simple phonics lessons with Elijah, I sometimes have a hard time keeping everything straight in my little head. Imagine that - teaching two different grade levels, keeping my preschooler from devouring every bit of candy and gum in the house while distracting him from the incessant pull of the TV, loving on my sweet girl, and all my other responsibilities as a homemaker. What's a forgetful mama to do???

I made flashcards. I went through our grammar "text" and pulled out all the necessary parts of speech and information that we use or review on a regular basis plus a few other things from other subjects and made colorful cards. I was getting tired of wasting time with flipping through the lessons to find the exact definition of a word or an example of that word.

I like flashcards. I need flashcards. They might actually be more for me than for anyone else and I'm okay with that fact. They'll be great for occasional review over the summer (ha, ha...I always plan to review, but I'm not so good with the follow through...). Mike thinks I should call them "Summer Cards" and market them to other homeschool mamas. I like to call them my "Can't-Keep-An-Important-Fact-In-My Brain-For-The-Life-Of-Me" cards (C-K-A-I-F-I-M-B-F-T-L-O-M Cards). And they are working!

Okay...don't laugh! I KNOW what an adjective is...but Elijah keeps forgetting and he is like his mama. He likes flashcards. They are orderly. They are concrete. They help you get to the facts quickly.

What?! Contractions are not only those necessary painful parts of childbirth??!!! (I!CANNOT!DO!THIS!ANYMORE!!!...five words put together into one word with lots of exclamation marks when I think of contractions...)

If I had room at the bottom, you know I would have written


Anonymous said...

Seriously, I am typing this comment, and then it is off to make flashcards. Because I need your C-K-A-I-F-I-M-B-F-T-L-O-M cards, too! Love you! Linda

Tarah said...

I'm wondering if posts like this are meant to ENcourage or DIScourage other moms to homeschool...b/c right now I'm COMPLETELY intimidated. I go back and forth b/c homeschooling and public schooling, but I know I could never do what you do. yikes. you're AMAZING!!!

Laurie said...

Haha--cute post and great-looking flashcards :-)

Kelly said...

Hmmmmmm... Boy, do I wish we lived closer...