Sunday, May 2, 2010

Food Vendors

Having a garage sale last weekend was a family event. The boys wanted to have a lemonade stand so we helped them purchase lemonade mix, soda, and chips. We practiced counting quarters and making change from dollar bills before the sale. They made a sign and got everything set up bright and early. Then they waited and tried to be patient for the first customer. They sat there for a good portion of the day....

In the end, they earned $33 from some very generous shoppers, ate lots of chips, drank lots of soda and lemonade, charged daddy and mama for our drinks and chips (there's nothing like being charged repeatedly for things you already own!), and had a great time.

Now we just need to get out to buy those fishing poles...probably with a little more help from daddy's wallet!

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lindaharden said...

I read your posts and want to be a kid again in the Farwell house. Can I come over say tomorrow to play? :)

See you at group lessons! L