Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Orioles

We're more than halfway done with this season of baseball and our new favorite team is...The Orioles. Although, I think when the boy's season is over, the Yankees may become the favorite team again because daddy isn't a great fan of the Bore-ioles (apparently you will "get it" if you are a baseball fan...???!!!) Anywho...this season's line-up of the Scottsville Orioles is looking strong!

First up we've got Elijah, a righty, who is making solid contact with the ball and running with lightening speed to the bases. Next, we have Isaac, a great fan who is chomping at the bit to be out in the field with the big boys. And who can top Coach Dad, who kinda by default came into the coaching position. Apparently, when you offer to bring the equipment bag to the first practice, you are committing yourself to be the coach. Besides, when your kids make up 1/3 of the team and are begging you to be the coach, you feel a little more inclined to volunteer. And last, but not least, we have Luke, a lefty with a great throwing arm and dirty baseball pants to show how much he loves sliding into home plate.

Now that's a serious baseball face...Elijah is not messing around!

Good form, Luke.

And if you happen to be in town for Memorial Day, you can cheer for the team while they march in the parade carrying the team banner that, apparently, becomes the responsibility of the coach's wife when no one else volunteers to make it.

Autographs will be allowed for 15 minutes following the parade festivities...and when the boys make it to the big leagues, you'll be millionaires for having their signatures! He, he!

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