Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Quilt Love

One of my occasional Sunday afternoon treats is to go antiquing to a few local shops. And with today being Mother's Day, I was afforded the privilege of sneaking out for a bit after a great lunch while daddy was charge. I found the best $20 treasure for Sadie's room!!! If you know of my love for vintage hankies, then you'll completely understand why this vintage quilt caught my eye. It is pieced together by hand and in need of some loving repair in places. However, the holes and broken stitches don't bother me. I won't fix them. Sadie won't be using it. It's strictly for pretty-ing up her room. I can picture it folded on top of her tall cabinet/dresser peeking over the edge. That is, once I get her cabinet painted white and in place in her room. It looks like this school cabinet...we own three of for school, one for media/computer stuff, one for Sadie. When I like something, I get lots of them...vintage hankies, cotton Target shirts, tall cabinets, fabric, trouser socks, children...

my favorite block and it's by far the most damaged of all the that green!

this square is the main fabric and the whole backing piece

don't know the pattern name...need to look it up

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