Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bible Break

I really like rap music. Well, only certain songs.

My love of rap music started as a pre-teen. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what was so "sinful" about rap. Seriously, the only rap song I knew and loved taught me the books of the Bible. How could that be bad?! I still know the song by heart. Bible Break by Steven Wiley. I'd prove it to you by recording myself but then you'd be jealous of my rapping skills (ha, ha). Yes, I still own the accompaniment track cassette tape with the worn out lyrics. But sadly, I don't have a cassette player. So, I'll just send you to a youtube video so you can hear for yourself.

BIBLE BREAK by Steven Wiley. This is a video by some youth group guys with dancing skills about as good as mine...

Steven Wiley is recognized as the first artist to have recorded a full-length Christian rap album in 1985. Betcha didn't know that. And I own the song. Jealous, yet?

And, by the way...I'm teaching it to the boys. They want to be as cool as their mama by singing all the books of the Bible from memory.

K-Slice and the Farwell Bruthas are in da houz!!!

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Liana said...

Funny you mentioned this because I was like, "I KNOW this rap, too!" ...and I think I can give you all the credit, LOL

Way for K-slice to be in the house!! break it down, sista.