Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monarch Butterfly

We've had a bit of a rocky start to our school year...not finding a good routine yet. I feel somewhat scatterbrained. The following posts are reminders to me that in the midst of the chaos, learning new curriculum, managing a sweet and curious baby girl, adding some very hands-on preschool activities, re-learning how to be diligent students and a disciplined mama all the while longing to be outdoors where we spent the entire summer, there have been some really great things happening, too. I find it easy to focus on the negative and I do want to be real, but I also need to encourage myself right now with positive things!

Our neighbor, a teacher in our local school district (and a supporter of homeschooling!), gave us a caterpillar larvae on our first day of school in the container with the milkweed. How thoughtful! Everyday for the past two weeks we've watched it transform into a butterfly. What a marvelous design by our Creator God. I was simply in awe. Sometimes I feel like I am learning and seeing these things for the first time. AMAZING! The Monarch emerged from its chrysalis on Saturday and while we were quite excited to finally see the butterfly, it was sad to let her go.

Not sure how long he stood there and watched the butterfly hanging out in the tree...a LONG time. He has a hard time saying good-bye. Kind of like his mom.

We drew Monarchs for our science notebooks and as thank you notes for our kind neighbor.

A great start to science...