Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Winter Wonderland of White Shirts

One can never have too many classic pieces to their wardrobe, right?! Especially white shirts. Especially if it is something you wear all the time. My winter wardrobe is profuse with sweaters and long sleeve cotton shirts that just beg for a white shirt underneath. So, did I care if the checkout girl at Target thought I was a lunatic when I was checking out with my SEVEN shirts?!

Absolutely NOT! Especially when I only paid $2.00 each for them instead of $8.00 each. I totally rocked that clearance sale!!! And when the snow comes falling down, I will be living in a winter wonderland of white shirts.

If you are hoping to find this great deal, don't go to Hylan Dr. Target...all they have left is salmon orange and puke green. Sorry. Sort-of.


Olivia said...

GREAT find! I love white shirts, too.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

roflol!! Hey, there is NOTHING wrong with grabbing a good deal, and therefore, nothing to be sorry about. ;) Good job. Thanks for the laugh. :D