Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fairy Princess and Other Thrifty Treasures

Be still my heart! A quick stop at my favorite thrift store and my eyes zeroed in on this sweet fairy princess costume. The first girl costume in our home. Giddy! I love finding dress up clothes around this time of the year! And we use them all year long so it helps to make Halloween a non-issue.

$3.00 for princess fun!

A dragon costume...a little small on Isaac, but well worth the $5.00!

A handmade embroidery...someone took A. LOT. of time to make this. The colors are sweet and will completely fit in Sadie's room. Guess how much I paid for it??? 70 cents. Ahh!

A chippy tea that vintage green color! 99 cents.


Anonymous said...

You did super well, my friend.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Kiley, I followed you over here, from Planted by streams to schooling mancubs. Your comment about simpifying, maybe moving out of burbs resonated with me. :) We are exactly at the crossroads. In fact I'm waiting to hear if an offer on a house was accepted today on a house in the sticks. It's a big farm house, renovated, but I was nervous about what that would mean for me as a homeschool mom & needing interaction for me. .. we're all adapting well(we rent in the country now) but were in a very urban (not even suburban) location before. there is a certain amount of shock, friends think your crazy then, the reasons Planted by streams mentioned, simplicity become simple. first order. Anyway, just wanted to say hi- I hope to visit you over here again soon! Have a blessed week as everyday rises before you! Laura

MommyB said...

We sang the song on the embroidery at WHS interesting!