Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Green

Once again, Art Projects for Kids has provided instructions for a fabulous art project. Little Green gets every boy's vote for our favorite project EVER. Going to the "trouble" of tracking down the book in our library system was definitely worth it.

I love completing art projects that are inspired by picture books! It appeals to and connects everyone's "schooling" in our home. Everyone loves reading books. Sadie loved the funny noises I made while reading as I zig-zagged and loop-de-looped. Isaac loved creating a stack of pictures full of zig-zags and wavy lines...pre-writing and fine motor skills! Luke worked on coloring carefully in the lines to keep the colors from mixing. Elijah...well, Elijah just loves ANY art project and hopes to be an artist someday. I enjoyed chatting and creating with everyone rather than bustling off to do other things.

Elijah, age 7 and 48.5 weeks (the countdown is on, you know!)

Luke, age 6

Me, age fabulous

While we were creating our masterpieces, we listened to this book with accompanying CD...

A fine day, indeed!

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Linda said...

I was just committing to art tomorrow. Thank you for the pointer! Sweet rest to you and yours.