Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ugly 80's Wall Decor Transformed

Good-bye country goosey, dried floral, peachy wall decor! I picked up the picture below for $1.99 at the thrift store because I liked the frame and the matting. And I had a plan...

You see, I HEART vintage floral hankies. I own 50 or so, all picked up here and there for 50 cents to $1.00 each. And they sit in a cute, little suitcase waiting for me to do something with them. Yet, I don't want them to get ruined. Imagine that, in my house of rowdy boys...

As you can well imagine, all my pent-up floral fantasies and prettiness is making a grand appearance in Sadie's room. Except that recently, I've been feeling like it's okay to have girly things around the rest of the house even though the boys outnumber the girls. Old floral plates and silver platters are hung on the walls, pretty curtains are hung, and now my newest "pretty" is hanging in the living room.

All because I bought an ugly 80's picture and transformed it.

Vintage LOVE.

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