Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Sewing - Quiver

What little boy doesn't love a bag to put their stash of weapons in, right?!

My Isaac had been begging for a quiver like he'd seen on a David and Goliath for his 4th birthday, I made him one. Just figgered it out! Which now makes me realize I never posted pictures or thoughts about his birthday!!!

He (with the help of daddy) had already rigged up his "bow" from the perfect stick found in the woods along with string and duct tape. I purchased three dowels, sawed them in half and sanded the edges to make six "arrows" to go along with his bow.

Well, you know when one brother has an awesome quiver, the other brothers tend to want one as well. I finally made quivers for the bigger boys for Christmas! They'll be so surprised...I think they've given up on me making sewing them their own since Isaac's birthday was in August!!!

I am SO very much enjoying all this creative outlet in my sewing projects!!!

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Olivia said...

It's perfect, Kiley; and the big boys will be so surprised today!