Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home for Sale

Our lovely home is for sale. I haven't written much about our search over the past 6 months...maybe I haven't written anything...but it's something we've been pursuing. It's been exciting, heart-wrenching, frustrating, irritating, sad, etc. We toured a house at the beginning of December, both agreed 100% to place an offer on that house, the seller accepted our contingent offer, and we started working like crazy to get our house on the market.

It's only been on the market for less than a week and already this has been a roller coaster of emotions. One the one hand it is so exciting to think about our family in the new house, how we might function a little more smoothly with extra space, having a little more privacy around our house, and Mike having a shorter commute to work to name a few things.

On the other hand, our current home is the only home my children have known, the home where all our babies have been loved and nurtured into toddlerhood and beyond, the home that we love after many years of elbow grease, sweat, hate, tears, and $$$. This home holds our memories.

Half of the time, I find myself wishing that someone would just come along and snatch up this gem so we can move on. The other half, I find myself thinking about all the "negatives" others have brought up to us moving...farther from church and summer garden, farther from free and paid babysitters, farther for grandparents to visit, etc. I am a people pleaser at times and I hate to disappoint others. It makes me think we are making a poor decision.

And yet, I know that Mike and I made a decision based on what is best for our family, we've considered all those "negatives", and still felt a peace from the Lord to pursue this new house. The new house is a little over 15 minutes from our current home. We're not moving across the country! When I eliminate all those voices, my soul is at peace. I'm not anxious. Stressed and chaotic at times...yes. Not anxious. I am confident the Lord will work out all the details if this sale and purchase is in His will.

Until that decision is made perfectly clear, we wait and scrub and organize and paint. And we live. We enjoy. We make memories. We don't waste the day, waiting for another day and what might be. We hope. We trust in the Lord. And we just wait.


jillian said...

Oh my dear Kiley. You inspire me. I am so excited to see where the Lord takes you and how He does it. I love being your friend. Your house is so warm and friendly- the people that buy it are so blessed! I love your way of decorating and your style. I "stole" your idea of white curtains and black bookshelves ;-) Can't wait for you to see it on friday.

Olivia said...

It is understandable how we attach ourselves to places and their memories. I 'loved' our North Road house...took a while to not drive by and long to be there. After all the moves we have made, I can tell you with surety that the people in the places are the most treasured memories. Your new place will grow to be as precious and the children will 'remember' that house and it's rooms and grounds even more!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Jillian and Olivia! :)