Monday, December 6, 2010

Rediscovered Quilts

Rediscovered these two wall quilts in the crazy, sorting process of getting our house ready to sell (that's a whole different story that I'll share once our house is listed and I have a minute to breathe.) Took pictures in case they get packed away again for a time. Taking a minute to sit...something I don't think I've really done all day...and staring at my lovely log cabin quilt hanging on the wall.

folk art flowers - 2006 (?)

log cabin - 2005 (?) - maybe that's why people always say to label your quilts!

I have this great embroidered sign (also rediscovered today!) that says, "Blessed are the children of quilters, for they shall receive the quilts." Ha, ha! Maybe I'll hang it in my *new* sewing room...


carole said...

Way to keep us guessing, Kiley!
Did you find a house? I can't wait to hear your story. We are still sick here. I am so desperate I just swallowed a few raw garlic cloves. ;)

Linda said...

They are so lovely, Kiley!