Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dedication Sunday

What a cowgirl looks like in the afternoon after she's done gone and got herself dedicated to the Lord. She's got the "bang" sound down, too! Oh my!

So proud after getting her hair pretty on all by herself!

Sadie LOVES looking at herself in the mirror

REALLY likes looking at herself!

Here she is in her new skirt made by mama! It was seriously cute on her! (I already have fabric picked out for her next skirt once I have my doll sewing done for this month!!!)

Must give brother, buddy, and pardner in dedication a good tickle before church! How-DY!

making the loop around the first floor...giddy up, horsey!

It was a great day spent with both sets of grandparents. We were so thankful the weather was clear and their schedules were free to join us in dedicating our children to the Lord and ourselves to raising them to know, honor, and love Him.


Olivia said...

She is a cutie, beauty! Just adorable! It was a fun/fine day!

abigail said...

So big! How did this happen?!