Sunday, February 13, 2011

WHOOOOO Loves You?

Mama does!!!

I made these sweet owl rice-filled heating bags for my love birds for Valentine's Day! They were super easy to make in just a few hours! I can't wait to set them up before breakfast at each kiddo's seat as their morning surprise. I know they will love them...they've been "stealing" my rice-filled heating sock for a few weeks now. He, he!

I changed one aspect of the directions. I wanted to have a removable cotton bag for the rice partially because I wasn't sure if chenille was a non-flammable fabric and I didn't have flannel on hand as the directions suggested for the back of the owl. I also thought that at some point I may want to replace or refill the rice and it would be easier to make a new insert. I used chenille for the back of each bag and added velcro to the bottom of the bag to take the rice-filled insert in and out easily.

My only mistake was that I sewed the eyes on in the wrong order...oops!...but the kids won't notice the colored threads! It's a good reminder to me that sometimes it really does work best to follow all directions rather than throw it all out for the sake of "creative freedom!"

The cotton bag is the basic shape of the owl itself. Doesn't look like much...but it'll be hidden in the bag!

Each owl has chenille soft!!!

I absolutely LOVED making these bags! I absolutely LOVE making handmade gifts! I absolutely LOVE that I will be giving my children something unique on Valentine's Day that does not include any sugar...we're already climbing the walls this winter without adding a huge sugar rush!!!

But that doesn't mean I didn't buy myself some chocolates! He, he!


jillian said...

SO cute Kiley! You are so creative!

Suzanne said...

I love your "Love Birds!" The fabric selection is so cute. Your kids are sure to love them. They have been a bigger hit with my grandchildren than I ever imagined. They really love to have them warmed up! Thanks so much for giving me a heads up so I could come over and see for myself!

Anonymous said...

Whoooo is cool?

Anonymous said...


i like the blue one

abigail said...

Very cool. I love these!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I saw that doll you made for Hope Chronicles and had to come over.

sandy toe

p.s. Hello.

Dacia said...

These are so cute & I love that they have a soft back.

I also enjoyed your post on thankfulness. I'm going to try and remember to have that same type of attitude throughout my day. Thanks for sharing & thanks for the blog visit and comment love!