Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dollie's Baptism Dress

I told my husband that if I died today, I'd die a happy woman. Why? I made the sweetest dress ever...well, that I've ever made. Ha, ha!

I've only been sewing doll clothing since this past fall - some of it by using patterns, some of it by just creating and playing around. I can't explain how satisfied I was with this end result after using a combination of patterns and my imagination. I couldn't stop looking at it! Isn't it amazing how God created us?! See the creativity all around you! And God instilled that creativity within us!!! I have a feeling I'm just scratching the surface of the creativity God has placed in me. WOW! I have such a strong desire to keep discovering. It is SO fulfilling!

I joked with the customer who requested this baptism dress that I might pretend she'd never placed an order for her doll just so I could keep the dress for Isn't she gorgeous?!

I am SO excited to sew lots of things like this for Sadie as she gets older. Just think of all the dress-up dollie fun we'll have!!!

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Olivia said...

She is truly delightfully pretty! You can do it again with a train and it would be a lovely wedding dress!

katie jean said...

I love her :) And that you used the polka dot minky for her hair. Sweet girl!