Friday, March 11, 2011

Draw-It-Up Tote

I purchased a new sewing book Sewing School and it is perfect for learning the basics of hand sewing. It is intended for children and the projects are obviously for children, but adults with little sewing experience could certainly learn a lot from this book.

While I didn't necessarily intend to use this book with my boys, they browsed the pages and found these drawstring bags. They were practically begging me to let them make one of their own. Oh, the things they were imagining their bags could, marbles, 5 smooth stones (if you're David from the Bible), weapons, flashlights and books for bedtime, bathroom stuff, and so on.

Daddy protested a little, but the boys had their hearts set on I promised we would use "boy" fabric! Elijah and Luke did a great job sticking with it to complete their bags. Isaac did a great job being patient and watching mama sew his bag to show the bigger boys how to do it. That is, after he did a few stitches and sewed it to my bedspread! Ha, ha!

The totes turned out great and the boys were so pleased with their effort. After all, even boys need to know how to fix some stitches here and there in life, right?! And they have not done a single girly thing with the bags since they were finished!

The bonus for me is that we completed an "art project" for school today, too!!!

Isaac kissing his bag because he loves it so much...silly boy!


Olivia said...

Most upholster's I know have been men. And they use MONSTER sewing machines!

katie jean said...

My favorite book! So important for boys to learn to sew too :)