Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pining for Summer

Our family went to our friend's house last weekend armed with fresh fruit and summer party supplies hoping to entice warmer weather to make an appearance. It didn't work, but the cookout was great! All the boys were wild and loud, all seven of them. Sadie was quiet, all one of her. The husbands seemed to get along. The wives already knew they got along. They will have to force friendship between the husbands if it doesn't happen on its own. Grin!

So glad we're friends, dear friend!!! Maybe next time we need to do a summer magic dance or something and soon because we are all climbing the walls around here just dying to get outside!!!


Olivia said...

Yeah, somethings not working because it SNOWED again last night. Actually, when I woke up this am I just smiled. It WILL be over soon! "The Winter that never ends."

carole said...

Such fun times!
I saw another blogger whose theme was "beach party" with kids in swimsuits and towels on the floor.