Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thrifty Treasures

I feel like I hit the jackpot today at the thrift store! Do I say that every time I post about my thrifty findings?!

This tablecloth is in MINT condition ($1.99). I almost died when I saw it...died of happiness, that is! The tray is not vintage but it is a wonderful shabby chic floral perfect for Sadie ($0.69). Bananagrams...WHAT???!!! Someone got RID of Bananagrams!!! We LOVE this game ($o.99)! No joke!!! It retails for $14.99. Who cares that we already own we own two! It might work out really well though because Sadie and Isaac like to "make words" and sing ABC's while we're playing. Now they have their own set.

A sweet white dish for soap, my earrings, Sadie's hair pretties, Bananagram tiles, etc. ($0.49). The vintage tablecloth underneath is 60" round with a fabulous mustard colored lacy edging ($1.99). Might cut it up for a vintage sheet quilt I'm hoping to make using fabrics I find. I've got a good little collection already!

I also found several brightly colored Hawaiian shirts to make a beach/picnic blanket quilt for this summer...or maybe it'll end up on one of the boy's beds. A wool sweater to be felted for coffee cozies or rice bag cover. A bursting-full bag of marbles for the boys ($0.99) with three shooters! And a few particularly sweet pale yellow one with embroidered flowers and a soft, cotton lace edging ($0.69).

I have had a love of vintage items for some time now...especially floral hankies...but recently have been inspired by reading amazing blogs about all sorts of reclaimed items. Especially sheets and wool sweaters...oh, the projects I have stored up in my brain. Now, to find the time to complete them all!!! HA!

Seriously considering taking a doll making hiatus for late spring and summer to focus on MY projects. It gives me shivers just thinking about it...summer break and lazy days to create!!!


Olivia said...

You enthusiasm is fetching! You were meant to be creative!!!

Anonymous said...

How cool is all this! Love it! Linda

Michelle said...

I love all your finds! What superbly awesome deals you got. And WHO on this beautiful green planet would EVER imagine getting rid of their Bananagrams game, is beyond me! We love ours. What a terrific find for .99 cents. Holy smokes! Love the vintage table clothes. Thanks for sharing.

katie jean said...

That is a gorgeous tablecloth!! I cannot believe it :) lucky girl. I always feel so greedy at the thrift shop. Like I can't believe that someone passed by all this great stuff and didn't go home with it.