Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creating - An Act of Worship

The past six months have found me creating more than in the ten years previous. Why? What's the difference? I've thought about this so much recently. I've had conversations with a two dear friends recently about my sewing addiction! One friend pointed me to this article. Those conversations have helped me to clarify what I've been thinking and have supported the idea that what I'm doing is good. It's really good!!!

Part of the answer is so obvious to me. I've always, whether subconsciously or not, associated "sewing" with "sewing girl things." Until we were blessed with the gift of our daughter, I never felt the "freedom" to sew much of anything. In all honesty, it was too hard to think about sewing when I knew I'd never sew dresses, doll clothing, aprons, pink do-dads, etc. for my own little girl. Every time I thought about it, it made me sad. To avoid that sadness and stuff down that desire for a daughter, I chose not to sew. Now I have too many ideas and things I want to sew. The funny thing is that I'm thinking of great boy projects, too! Bonus for all my kiddos!
Sewing is a means of creating beautiful, thoughtful things for the people I love. All this sewing started back in the fall alongside a dear friend who wanted to make dolls for her girls. Oh, the fun we had getting together every few weeks to cut, sew, pin, stuff, talk, and most importantly, grow our friendship. That's the best part of the beginning of this doll making. As a result, I've turned the doll making into a small home business to bring in a little fun money. Do I need to do it? No. Do I enjoy doing it? Yes. Do I manage my time well so I can continue making dolls? Yes...most of the time. Do I plan to take breaks? Yes...in fact, no more dolls until summertime.

When I'm sewing, it's more than just feeling of entitlement to "get-away" or "me-time", it is refreshing and energizing my soul and spirit in a way like no other right now. It's therapy. I work very hard during the day to accomplish all that needs to be done - morning snuggle time, quiet time with the Lord, meals (my biggest challenge - working on it!), homeschool, chores, laundry, speech therapy, playtime- indoor games and outdoor play, reading aloud with the kiddos, going out of the house for activities - swimming lessons, visiting friends, grocery shopping, library visits, and so on. Knowing that I'll free up time for sewing in the evening once the kiddos are headed off to bed keeps me on task during the day. I am much more intentional with my time but not hurried and rushed. We enjoy our day together. We enjoy our evenings together when daddy comes home. And THEN at bedtime I sew. And I love it!

Given the space limitations in our house right now, my sewing machine is set up in our bedroom. I like to bring my projects downstairs as much as I can to sit with Mike. I've found that I don't like having idle hands in the evenings. I'm not watching as much tv. Or should I say the tv programs that I would choose (ahem...Hallmark movies or TLC shows with babies...things that make Mike cringe. Ha, ha!). I AM "watching" more sports with my husband in our 9pm fog... If I do stay upstairs in our room, I often find myself talking with the Lord, praying, praising, listening to worship music, etc. Wow...imagine that! A quiet house and time with the Lord!!! This has to be one of the best parts of finding time to sew!!!

Are there times when I don't manage my time well or choose to sew when I "shouldn't?" Sure...but those times are few and far between. The times that I choose to sew during the day are fun for everyone. It's usually playtime. The boys will often bring their Legos to our bed and build in the room with me. Sadie loves to sit on my lap and help hold the fabric or spools of thread. Or she's getting her afternoon beauty sleep. Isaac loves to help me poke pins back in my pin cushion. I love that my kiddos see me taking time for an activity I enjoy, for working hard at it, learning new things, and giving those creations to friends we love. Everyone benefits from my sewing time!

Will there be a season in my life when I just can't free up time to sew? Absolutely! I have to guard myself from comparisons or feelings of guilt that I'm not doing "enough" because another mom or friend might not be able to free up time for extra activities. For me, sewing isn't happening at the expense of other more important things as listed above. Don't we all assign time to the things that are most important to us? Your time might be assigned to baking, gardening, running, computer time, watching tv, reading, etc. Mine is sewing. While the time is available, I am going to sew until my fingers have grown numb. Ha, ha!

We were created by an amazing God! He has given me the desire, creativity, and skills to create. I see this part of my life as a continuing act of worship. When I see the beauty of a project completed my thoughts come back to the Lord. He created beautiful things. He created amazing things. He receives all the glory for this life, these creations, and the joy it brings!!!


Tracee said...

I loved reading this, I sew more now that we have our two daughters as well! I love creating and often feel like God gives me "creative downloads" for ideas :)

Olivia said...

1 Cor 10:31-32

31 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

When what we do encourages us and others to see God and glorify Him through the skills He has given us, that is a relection of God's own creativity! We are his workmanship!
The beauty of God's creation is reflected through us! Glory!!!

carole said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kiley. We are body and spirit, mind and soul - so cultivating that creative side is just as important as feeding the physical side. Thanks for inspiring me. :)

Linda said...

His beauty is so radiant in YOU! Love watching you create.

Sally said...

What a wonderful post! I found you by way of our common link-up on Raising Homemakers, and I am so glad I did! I loved reading of how creativity is God-inspired and a means of worship. Thank you!!