Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Day Doll

How did you spend your rainy afternoon? The boys were hunkered down watching Astroboy, Sadie was taking a nap, and I felt aimless. I didn't want to wash the dishes or fold the laundry. I didn't want to sort out more winter clothing. I didn't feel like reading. There were so many things I could have done, but I just wanted to do something FUN! Oh my, does anyone else have these aimless afternoons like me?!

I dug out my collection of vintage hankies because I was thinking about making a pillow cover like I saw here. As I was looking through them, I remembered a sweet doll apron made from a portion of a vintage hankie. Hmmm...maybe I'd try making a new doll to wear the apron.

I've been wanting to alter my one and only doll pattern to try some new things. So that's what I did and here she is...

She kind of reminds me of those wooden spoon dolls...large head, skinny neck...but I think it sort of works! I have to admit though that she was really hard to turn right side out with such a skinny neck. Felt like labor...every little push brought her little head out a teensy bit more. (ha, ha...I always think that when I'm turning dolls...maybe you'd have to see it to understand!)

She's wearing little pink shoes just like Sadie's little pink crocs! As soon as Sadie saw the doll, she smiled and said, "Pink shoes!"

Teensy heart lips, wool felt for her hair...I LOVE the stitching to make "strands." Can you see the flower I stitched into her hair?! Just like Sadie's favorite hair pretties!!!

Can you see the flower better here?

She's so cute! I still have to find another white button and sew all three on her shirt.

I think I'll try my new pattern again with a few slight changes...what do you think?! She might make a great addition to my etsy shop!


Anonymous said...

She made me smile, on this rainy day!

Olivia said...

Aww, she is cute. I'd like to see her up close and personal! Bring her tomorrow?

Kiley said...

Libby - I was thinkin' about bringing her to to church to show one of my biggest cheerleaders ;o) !!!

abigail said...

I love her hair and her demure expression. So cute. I say go for it!