Saturday, July 2, 2011

Make Your Food Look Cute

A recent trip to the thrift store yielded me these rubber sealed, lidded, "quilted" glass jars. They are apparently old Planters peanut containers (and one Smuckers jar) with a picture of the peanut man on the tops of all the lids. One jar still had a label on it written, no doubt, by an older woman that told it's former contents..."oat bran opened Nov. 1994." There were still crumbs in the jar...eewwww!

I often use mason jars, rings, and lids to store food - things like chocolate chips, raisins, almonds, etc. in my cupboards. When I saw these jars for 99 cents each I had two thoughts...

1. I could use them for my food storage

2. I could use them for my sewing notions & craft supplies - buttons, ribbons, safety pins, pom-poms, etc.

Mike, clearly not as enamoured with the jars as I am, made sure that I knew they were just old junk jars and not "antique" jars. Okay...thanks, honey...I'm keeping them anyway because they're so cute!!! He, he! (He often doesn't "get" my love for thrifted things and yet there's been very little he's ever insisted is truly junk! He loves me THAT much!!!)

In the end, I used them for my food storage...but don't be surprised if they turn up in my sewing room in the future!

These jars even make my food look cute!!! (white chocolate chips, pecans, whole flax seed, coconut, mini chocolate chips - all potential granola bar ingredients)


Olivia said...

Those jars were a promo for "Tang" the orange flavored drink. I bought them in the 80's. I know planters also used them for their nuts at one point. I'd say 50 yrs old is getting close to antique. But, only close since I'm past 50!

Olivia said...

can't count; guess that only makes them over 30; not antiques yet; but, awful cute none the less!