Monday, July 4, 2011

Thrifted Color

I'm not sure how wise it is for one to go to the thrift store to drop off unwanted items and since one is already at the thrift store to go inside to look for treasures...but that's how I roll! And, of course, treasures were there to be found!

I spotted this dresser over a month ago but at the time we were not selling or buying houses and I just didn't have space for it. Given that fact plus the $80 price tag, I walked away. But believe me, I kept thinking about that beauty!

Two weeks later I stopped at the store again. This time we knew we were buying a new house, but didn't have a buyer for our old house yet. In fact this was a trip to drop off items so I figured that Mike would be a little "put out" to say the least if I showed up at home with a new dresser. But the price was down to $40! Oh my...I almost caved!

Another week went by and by God's good grace, we had a buyer for our old home! So when I saw this lovely lady still waiting for me I snatched her up! Well, not really snatched because she's weighty...more like skip-ran to the checkout while dragging Sadie by the arm to buy her before someone else got the same idea! Would you believe I paid just $25 for her?! She is missing a few jewels on the front, but she's sturdy with lovely lines that will distress well once painted. Oh, our TV will be sitting pretty when we move to our new home!

Today's adventure brought in some colorful finds...

A pretty handmade apron made from upholstery weight fabric. It looks super sweet with my aqua blue sundress. I feel so June Cleaver-ish.

77 patches of knitted goodness and warmth bordered with green for $2.98...have I mentioned how much I'm in love with green recently?

I am.


I've been watching for just the right blanket with a large mix of colors. Not too brown and orange. Not too clashy. I've had one pictured in my head with black borders. But oh, the green!!! This one is perfect! There are two little spots that need some repair in the "seams." (I know nothing about knitting or knitting terms, but it is obvious to me that I can make these two repairs on my own...maybe not "correctly" but repaired none the less.)

Finally, I found a bag of 100% crewel wool for $2.99. I'm not sure what I'll do with it or exactly what crewel embroidery is, but the colors were lovely and bright! At the very least, we can play around with it!

Color. Happy Sigh.

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Olivia said...

That dresser is fabulous! I'm thinking Mary Reid would know what you can do with that wool! Thrifty finds, indeed.