Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Settling In

Today marks one month since we've moved. It's been a full month, a good month, with settling in, an OBX beach vacation (Irene...grrr!), starting back into our homeschool routine, and getting ready to open my etsy shop again among just living life with family and friends. I can't say enough how blessed we are. How blessed we have been. Life is good and full. And, of course, God has been evident in all of it!

Beauty in our yard, beauty from the Lord...lots of lovely hydrangrea bushes! We trimmed them on Saturday...hope we didn't "ruin" them!

Lots of butterflies on our one third acre of suburban paradise...maybe we shouldn't rip out all the milkweed that is throughout the yard (from several years of landscaping neglect...). I love watching the butterflies.

Leaf collection and bark rubbing for science...we've had a good start to our year. Mike and I LOVE the main curriculum we're using this year!!! The boys especially like the science and geography. Elijah is our fabulous fourth grader, Luke is our spectacular second grader, Isaac is our charismatic kindergartener, and Sadie is my terrific teacher's assistant. I feel like I've gotten the "homeschool bug" back in my system and am excited about this year more so than the mini-slump I was in last year. Praying that we continue to have God honoring, productive, fun days ahead.

By the way, I love my new camera. Hoping to take an online course all about photography...capturing the everyday, simple joys of life with our family. (So go buy a doll...grin!)

Nothing can fully express how blessed we feel. None of this would be possible without our strong dependence on the Lord, our provider, the one who gives me grace to keep going strong, the one who has opened our eyes to see the good in our simple, sometimes mundane days. Blessed. So very blessed.

Can I say it again? Blessed, we are.

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Olivia said...

You're settling in; I'm packing up! Your new home 'fits' the Farwell family to a "T". Love it and all of you!