Monday, October 24, 2011

Garbage Can - The Quest

I've been searching for a garbage can...several, actually...since we moved. I keep resisting $10+ plastic ones I've found in my local stores for something with more character and less plastic. Even garbage cans can add to the decor in your room, right?!

With the exception of our kitchen garbage, all the others in our home are tall, circular wicker baskets that probably held fake trees once upon a time. I ended up finding a large popcorn tin - you know the ones you see all over the place at Christmastime - for the boy's room. It has an Americana feel to it...not exactly my favorite but the price was right at $.99 from the thrift store. I can always spray paint it if needed. The same day I found another tree basket, too, for $.99. Doesn't get any better than that!

Or does it?

Last week, I stopped in for a quick run through my favorite thrift store and guess what I found?! This vintage beauty for $1.79. Be still my heart! It's just right for my sewing room and it really is a garbage can in perfect condition...not even any gunk stuck on the inside bottom!!! Wahoo...I'm on a thrifting high!

The way I figure it, I just saved myself $26.23 on three garbage cans. And gained beauty with function. Now that's my way of decorating and living!!!

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