Thursday, January 5, 2012

Absent From Blogging But....

...fully present here.

I realize, quite sadly, that I haven't blogged all the daily, wonderful, silly, and hard things of life over the past few months. I need to remedy this situation. Not really for anyone else but me and my family though I don't mind sharing with you. Life passes by at lightening speed and my memory fails me at times. I must record this life and this family. To relive the blessing that I call my life along with the images that capture those memories...

My online my friend calls Bliary.

I'm feeling some blogging in my future, but for now I'm headed over to the couch above for snuggling and reading under that oh-so-fabulous thrifted blanket.

(Seriously...can you believe someone got rid of that chevron loveliness?! And in those colors?! Almost had a heart attack when I spotted it!!! He, he!!!)

1 comment:

Olivia said...

I have thought over the past months how you should have blogged about this or that...I love your Bliary! Glad you are back at it!