Saturday, April 28, 2012

On "The List" Lately

We've been working on "the list" for the past few weekends. That long list of items that was all jumbled in my head vying for attention. My sweet husband suggested that I write every item down on a list that way he might be able to look at it and do some of the jobs for me. A list! I love lists! Now, why didn't I think of that? (ahem...probably because I was feeling so overwhelmed...)

The first thing I realized after making my list specifically for sewing type projects, the other list for every other possible category...was that there was no way I could get projects completed before the year 2032 while expecting myself to sew every last stitch of curtain, bed cover, lampshade, etc.

I immediately transitioned to a new plan...choose a few sewing projects that require minimal time and effort and find/purchase the rest of the items.  I started with our master know, the one that used to collect baskets of folded laundry (I'm still keeping up, hooray!), the one that was the last to be decorated at our old house, the one that isn't the priority because, seriously, how many people see my bedroom when they visit, right?! 

New plan, new priority...complete our bedroom.  I purchased the quilt and runners and I love them!  Mike likes them, too!  (Which, by the way, I actually felt guilty for purchasing something brand new...I'm such a thrift store, garage sale junkie that I almost never buy anything new...).  I have some plans to complete the decorating of our bedroom but I think I should add those tasks to "the list" so Mike will jump on the job!  Wink, wink!

We are hoping to take down the crib and move it to our room this weekend though I'm afraid that Sadie will not like the move.  Because our boys were so excited to move to big boy beds, we've always used the consequence of being put back in the "baby's crib" when they choose to disobey and get out of their bed.  I'm thinking Sadie would enjoy that consequence too much...might set up the pack n play instead.  Mama and Daddy will be the victors...  Anyhow, Sadie has the sweetest antique big girl bed and I found this soft, pretty comforter at the thrift store for $5.00.  It'll be darling, I'm sure!

I'm also working on a bunch of sewing items for others...a few dolls for some special little ones, (If you have a second to pray for one little girl facing cranial surgery and another little girl battling cancer, I know their parents would appreciate it!!!), this purple dress (my first attempt using a store bought tissue paper pattern), and some other dolly clothes.  I love having my sewing room and I know I'm very blessed to have a dedicated space but I feel so removed from everyone when I'm up there, so I've taken over the dining room this weekend!

Last weekend, Mike painted a few walls getting rid of the dark colors for a lighter and brighter grey/blue.  Oh, it makes such a difference in how the rooms feel!  It makes such a difference in how I feel...oh, those colors were bugging me!  Thanks to all my guys for helping out with this project!

And today, we're completing a bunch of odd jobs: transplanting hostas and peonies, removing a few flower beds in the middle of the yard (we have a lot of landscaping all around the perimeter to maintain!), drop offs at the thrift store, and getting rid of soda cans.  Phew!  The boys are getting in on the action as well, however, they are receiving some compensation for their efforts! 

Can't wait to eat the chili simmering on the stove and watch a movie together to unwind...

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