Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday's Laundry Challenge

In an effort to turn things around here at my house and get some of life, specifically laundry, back in control, these pictures are my challenge! I have a few load of sheets and blankets that I'm planning on taking care of today, too. I generally don't have an issue with getting the laundry gathered and washed or even folded but the putting away part is where I loose steam.

With the past few loads, I've enlisted the boys to put away their items, Sadie's clothes, and the towels/washcloths as soon as the folding is done. Plus they have carried Mike's and my clothes to our room. Oh, that feels so good!

I've really failed recently with enlisting our very capable boys' help with anything chore related. This accounts for some of the reason I've fallen so far behind...basically not requiring anything of them. There are five of us living all day, every day in our home...I wouldn't have it any other way, but it means that nothing stays clean or picked up for long. If mama isn't disciplined enough to require their help, in general, they won't volunteer. It's life skills training for all of us...discipline, cooperation, showing love by seeing needs and jumping in to help, and displaying a good attitude while helping out. It's also just a necessary part of life...a large family needs every member to do their part to help the whole function better.

Did you notice I just called us a large family which I suppose maybe we've already been as a family of six. But somehow, being a family of seven now makes me really feel like a large family. A large that needs to figure out how to function well in our home with this many people and laundry and messes and toys and dishes and...and...

In part, I know the answer is to keep paring down...keep going through the "stuff" and getting rid of what isn't necessary. I've said in the past that I'd rather spend my time managing my family than managing my stuff. I'd change that now to say that I'd rather spend my time loving, caring for, and spending time with my family rather than managing my stuff.

Speaking of stuff...

...these hydrangeas. I picked and dried them from our front yard this past fall. I picked and dried way. too. many. hydrangeas. These have just been sitting in this spot dropping little annoying petals all fall and winter. They are on my list to throw out. And yet, every day I walk by them and ignore them. Guess what? I'm getting rid of them today...getting rid of stuff.

AND crossing it off my to-do list...oh, that's going to feel good!!!

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carole said...

If you need some rap music to accompany the Saturday challenge:

Also, I love to watch tv shows or movies while I fold.

And - while I hope your challenge inspires you and helps you get a little forward in your housework today, remember to be gentle with yourself! There are seasons when we have less energy and seasons when we have more. You are growing another little person! THAT is a lot of work, right there!