Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a BOY!!!

We were so blessed to see our SON at our ultrasound this past week!  He looks absolutely perfect!!!

I appreciated how much information the ultrasound tech gave us during our appointment.  By far, the most detail ever given to us as parents, many I recognized as being related to the "markers" checked for growth or chromosomal issues...things like, "Your baby's eye sockets are spaced just right...This dark spot is the stomach and I can see that your baby knows how to swallow because it is nice and dark...The heart has four chambers and each one looks great...See how the ??? is open in the heart?  The baby doesn't need as much blood flow to the organs while in utero, but it will close after the baby is born...I'm measuring the nuchal fold at the back of the neck...Perfect profile, we can see his nose, both lips, chin, and neck...and so on." 

I was really impressed.  And ever so thankful and joyful!!!

I couldn't resist buying his first pair of shoes (at a garage sale...ha, ha!!!).  I've swapping all our boy clothing with my sister in law for girl clothing since Sadie arrived, so this summer will be filled with lots of garage sales to outfit our boy for his first eighteen months to two years of life...after that, we'll be so excited to have big cousin, Benaiah, pass on his clothing...and some may return that Isaac or my older boys wore!

Mike and I waited until dinner time to share the baby's gender with our older kids.  We had a blue and green themed dinner (either packaging or food color itself).  We won't talk about the pink hotdogs...ha, ha!

Elijah and Luke thought it would be great for Sadie to have a little sister so they wouldn't have to play as much tea party with her.  Isaac has wanted a baby brother from the start.  The boys are doing great with having a baby brother.  Sadie, on the other hand, has been insistent for months that the baby is a girl named Daisy.  When we said, "Yay...It's a boy," she started sobbing and telling us, "No, the baby is a girl!!!"  It was the only time I felt a little teary eyed, for her sake, that the baby was actually a boy.  I never expected her to respond so strongly.  Thankfully, she has warmed up quite nicely to the idea of having a baby brother named Maisy...hmmm...  I am reminded, though, just how unique and special our mama & daughter relationship is and will continue to be with her as the only girl.

19 weeks, 5 days, estimated weight 11oz. 

Such a sweet profile!!!

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Olivia said...

So excited to see this new blue Farwell! He is and will be much loved!