Monday, August 13, 2012

First Day of School?!

Today was our first day of school.  I wanted to get a head start on the year in order to take a few weeks off when the baby arrives.  I knew going to bed last night that our first day might not go as I had planned due to sniffles and coughs bothering all the kids.  Despite a rough night for Sadie and Luke, and consequently, myself, we plunged in to the day...

I actually hesitate to call this our first day but since we did accomplish a few things, I say it totally counts!!!  Oh my, were there bumps...schooling and otherwise, but I'm ending the day feeling good overall!  I spent much of the day just smiling and chuckling over how "imperfect" it truly was.  I kept thanking the Lord that I have the privilege of teaching our children at home and the ability to be flexible throughout.

At morning wake up, the kids enjoyed scrambled eggs, cinnamon rolls, and strawberries.  Each one found small buckets of supplies at their seats...pencils, colored pencils, scissors, erasers, glue sticks, writing paper, personal wipe boards,  Kit Kats, and a special note from Mama.  I forgot to buy chalk to write their names on the buckets, however, Luke remembered that we had sidewalk chalk in the garage!

Sadie received a few different items than the boys - Dora Band-Aids, markers, and purple Play dough but no writing paper, pencils, or colored pencils.  She was quite thrilled with her school stuff!

 Luke is starting 3rd grade!

Isaac is tackling Kindergarten/1st grade! 

Elijah is in 5th grade! 

Target's dollar section had these cute 24pk. note cards for lunch boxes.  One side is printed with encouraging words while the opposite side has space for a hand written note. 

I have been thinking I would send along a note in the boys' lunch boxes on Tuesdays when they go to co-op for the day.  We are all excited for the opportunity they have to take part in a school day each week at The Home School Academy.  Isaac will be participating in the Kindergarten/1st Grade class combining science, children’s literature, geography, history, music, and art using fun interactive unit studies.  Both Elijah and Luke will be take part in history, science, writing/literature, gym, and art/performing arts classes.  I couldn't resist using one of the note cards for each of their buckets this morning! 

Sadie loves the ABC's!  Her favorite letter is...can you guess???  It's "S."  She still isn't quite sure if she's right or left handed - she kept switching back and forth to color in these letters - however she has great fine motor skills with both hands.  I am hoping to keep her busy with some preschool activities this year as well as with a whole bunch of hands-on play. 

Isaac, my not-so-willing-student, did a wonderful job matching, naming, and coloring shapes.  I'm always thankful for the first few weeks of review to help us ease back into school mode.

Elijah often finds quiet space in the boy's room to help him concentrate.  Who doesn't love to do schoolwork lounging in bed, right?!

"Look, Mama!  I colored it!"

Our Luke had his first sick day of the school year.  Nothing much accomplished except sleep and 15 minutes of piano practice.  Poor guy!  In the afternoon, I implemented "rest time" for everyone...oh, yummy!  Mama got a nap!!!  If you would, pray that we all sleep better tonight!

Finally, on our agenda tonight, with bellies full of homemade chicken noodle soup...

The boys always plead with me to read "just one more chapter" of our read-alouds during the day.  With daddy gone all week, it will be easy to meet their request in the evenings to help settle everyone in for the night.

I'm so glad I took pictures of our first day...we did, indeed, accomplish some things!  It really makes the rest of the "bumps" of the day seem not so big a deal...

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