Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Freezer Meals

The realization that our little man will make his appearance in just a short time is beginning to kick me into high gear in a lot of ways!  That fact, in combination with tons of fresh and free produce from our church garden, has me thinking a lot of preserving, freezing, and meal planning! 

I cringe at the thought of letting all this wonderful goodness from the garden go to waste especially knowing how much time and effort a few put into making the garden a reality for so many.  Namely my husband, but that's because he's my favorite gardener!  This season, I've grated massive amounts of zucchini for use in breads, sauces, ground meats, diced bags of green peppers for similar use, and we've consumed lots of the same as well as yellow squash, corn, beets, lettuce, green and yellow beans, raspberries, and did I mention zucchini?!  Yes, lots of zucchini!  I am hopeful to can lots of tomatoes when they are ripe, too! 

Today finds my Cuisinart Mini Chopper hard at work once again chopping onions, green peppers, one lone red pepper, zucchini, yellow squash, and one quart of tomatoes from last year. 

Cooking chopped veggies... 

Add cooked veggies to a batch of ground beef and sausage for assembly into lasagna freezer meals! 

Mmmm...smells good!  Can't wait to eat one meal for dinner tonight!

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Olivia said...

This Fall when that little guy needs mama those freezer meals and all that zucchini will be so welcome. You are a wise woman, Kiley. Grateful God has given you the grace and strength to get that nesting done! Eagerly waiting along with you for the next Farwel boy to make his appearance! So, looking forward to knowing him!