Saturday, September 8, 2012

Working Girls

I have been working hard this summer preserving foods harvested from our church garden.  Sadie has been my constant kitchen helper.  She always wants to be in the midst of what I'm doing - even with everyday kitchen prep.  I enjoy her sweet conversations about everything and nothing in particular...

Sadie insists on wearing fleecy winter pj's even in the summer...crazy girl!!!

We've canned 32 qts of tomatoes (with my mom's help).  Yummy!!!

I used a pressure canner for the first time to can these green beans.  A friend helped me with the first batch and I did two more batches on my own...15 qts of green beans.  Mmm...just like green beans tasted when I was a kid, canned by my mom and Grandma Givens.

"It's okay, Cinderelly...we're almost done!"

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