Friday, December 21, 2012

Date Night

We enjoyed a night out for Mike's work party.  It was fun to get all gussied up (I wore heels!  Gasp!) and pretend that we weren't thinking how nice it would have been to go out alone without co-workers.  Shhh...did I just say that out loud?!  He, he!
Sending a special shout-out to Target for stocking their racks with stretchy clothes to fit my postpartum curves.  I ran to Target the night before the party after an epic fail to find something dressy enough in my closet that fit me well and made me feel attractive.  I felt lovely though my feet were sore after hours in heels!
My mom and Miss Libby babysat for us.  One grandma for four kids.  One grandma for Silas.  They all did great!  Si took the bottle and was pretty easy to care for.  After five children, this was the earliest I'd ever left anyone for this long.  He's only nine weeks old! thankful it all worked out!
Now I just need to find another reason to wear my new heels...preferably with Mike again!   

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