Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decking the Windows

I've always loved the classic look of Christmas wreaths on windows and I'm making it happen today at our house! 
*Nine wreaths (for nine front windows at $1.99 each - super pre-Thanksgiving sale at Michael's)
*One 100 ft. spool of plum colored wired ribbon ($6.99 - by Jaclyn Smith...who knew she made more than old lady clothes for Kmart, right?!)
*Super thin jewelry making wire to attach ribbons to wreaths (free - in my crafting stash)
*Gumption (lots of that...)
*Time to start and finish this project (sketchy, at best...  however, the alternative is snuggling the cutest 7 week old baby boy who has now started smiling at us.  That's an excellent trade-off, I think...)


Anonymous said...

Please take an outside pic of final result.
Love, linda

Anonymous said...

I do not know what changed, but I can comment now here. Yippee!!!

Anonymous said...

And, again and again I can comment. So happy, I am now!

Kiley said...

i don't know what happened either! yipee! just about nobody comments and now i have three to cherish ;) ! will take pictue soon...i'd like it to be snowy for much prettier picture!