Friday, January 4, 2013

Twelve Weeks

Twelve weeks?!  Sigh...they do grow up too fast...   
Silas is showering us with smiles, coos, and the hint of a giggle.  He loves being held anytime, but if he's tired he definitely wants to be held while you are standing....and swaying...and jiggling...and patting his bottom.  His paci is a must.  We are having fun watching him grasp things - mostly his blankets - and trying to stuff them in his mouth.  And he's growing peach fuzz that likes to stand on end...oh, I hope it sticks straight up in the air like Luke's did.  So cute!!!
There are always siblings vying for the chance to hold him, help him with his paci, or get out of school work in order to comfort him.  And I let them...Silas will only be little for a short time.  He certainly doesn't lack for love or attention.  In fact, I believe that each additional child in our family has received even more attention than the one that came before because there are more family members to love on the newest one. 
It's a hard life, obviously, as you can tell from Silas' face...grin.
Sadie says that Elijah, Luke, and Isaac are her boy buddies, but Silas is her baby.  Sweetness.

So blessed.

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures and your account of his most blessed LIFE! Linda