Sunday, February 17, 2013

{Homeschool} The Shape of My Heart

I've been a long time fan of Deep Space Sparkle for our homeschool art projects though it's been a while since we've spent time doing any art.  Quite sad, I realized, while in the midst of this project seeing how much everyone was enjoying themselves.  The big boys creating.  Me snapping pictures.  (Silas napping.  Sadie resting and watching a Leapfrog dvd.)

I purchased the lesson plans and the book from Amazon for this project though most of the time I take advantage of the free plans available.

Listening to audio books while creating art is a great way to keep the chatter to a minimum and it allows us to study two subjects at one time!  I'm all about making the best use of our time!!!

I love how each heart is unique and so colorful!

Isaac, age 6  (do you see the ninja?)

Luke, age 8

Elijah, age 10

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Shadow said...


I've been looking for art stuff to do with my son. I love these hearts - so unique! Thanks a lot for sharing. :)